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Multiple Software Animations

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Multiple Software Animations





On Display

Destroy the Default Thanks to Waffles

Outline Test

Though it took a while to figure out how to rig something like this, the final result looks pretty cool.

Mr. Pix

Geo's Version:
Pivot made this so damn hard.

Epic Fail (edited)

Taking some of the CnC I got into account, I edited the animation a bit to make the wall climb, fall, and a few other aspects a bit more realistic.

Old Version:

Short Stuff


This is really old and very much copied from and Hbomb tutorial, but it was really the first time that I was able to create a realistic run cycle. I cleaned it up a bit before posting.

Ball Physics Things
Bouncing Ball

This is where I experimented with the spacing of falling and bouncing objects. I used the x2 easing method for the first time, and I like the way it looks.

Varying Materials

Here I basically wanted to test the ways balls of different materials bounce. Column 1 is a very bouncy ball, Column 2 is moderate, and Column 3 is only a little bouncy. I think that I did fairly well with the spacing, and hope that I can use this test in improving more advanced animations.

Mainstream Fight Tests
Punch Combo

Short combo with some nice poses. Though the spacing is a bit off, causing the attacks not to look powerful enough, I am still pretty proud of this one.

Sword Swing

Here I tested sword movements and trails. I think I did fairly well with the flow, too.

Kick Test

Test in using a couple of movements that I learned from Tupillius tutorials. This is pretty old and stiff, but it was one of my first good fighting animations.

Punch Test

I was trying to get the right spacing based on what I learned in Senzo's tutorial. I think I did pretty well, though I probably should have done the recovery back into the defensive position should be a bit faster.
Stylized Blood

Skidding Test

This is pretty old, with bad spacing and quite a bit of unintended resizing (how do you even do that in pivot?), but I think the smoke effects are cool.

Dash Test

I tried to incorporate a popular easytoon tecnique into pivot. Though I didn't focus very much on the actual character animation, I think that the effect test was successful.

I honestly really don't like animating DBZ. Not only does it seem a bit rough and messy, but I also always feel limited by the inability to stretch the segments. It is still fun to do once in a while, though.

DBZ Punch



So much fun.

Perspective Run

This is my shining example of the improvement online forums can bring. I posted a terrible version of this on Hyuns Dojo shortly after I got an account, and within about 20 minutes Terkoiz posted a reply and example that helped me greatly improve it.

Hand Test

Hands are hard to add to stickfigures, but I think that I did fairly well, and I think it would be cool to create future tests of them.

Idle Stance

I made this based on Sifter's tutorial. The double framing makes it pretty choppy, but I think that it still looks pretty cool.

Flow/Momentum Test

This doesn't look like much, but this little test has helped me in many larger applications of momentum on dynamic objects.

Easy Toon

On Display:

Combo 1 (punch, hook, double kick)

[size=130](With Effects)[/size]

Combo 2 (hook, uppercut, elbow)

Tests/ Fails
Run Cycle (Can we please pretend the proportions are on purpose?)
Walk Test (Easytoon is hard.)

Five Minute Doodles
Poop Man (Extreme productivity)[/center]

New Stick
New Stick

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this is really good! thanks for doing animation stuff

keep going

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